Home Care

Formulating home care and industrial cleaning products can pose unique challenges. These products must be fast-acting, and effective at cutting through grease and grime, and must be safe to use on a multitude of surfaces.

Home Care

Home Care

Mikazone® cellulose ether is derived from refined cotton, which is a completely natural material, it performs as a functional additive in the home care products to improve their performance, as well as increase the formulation efficiency.

A special grade of Mikazone® cellulose ether(HPMC MK200PS) is used in detergents to stabilize emulsions and suspended particles and is used for thickening and rheological modification of systems with high surfactant content.

benefits of Mikazone® cellulose ether :
Improved pH stability
Higher clarity of solutions.
Fast cold water dispersion
Enhanced the fluidity and dispersion of products

Why MikaZone Cellulose

When Mikazone® cellulose ether is used in detergent, its dosage should be determined according to the customer’s design. the recommended addition amount is 0.5%-4.0% of the total formula. It can also be used in conjunction with other types of thickeners according to different requirements to achieve the formulation design’s viscosity and rheological properties.

Why MikaZone RDP

Mikazone® HPMC MK200PS is very well suited to thickening detergent liquids as they normally form a clear solution, have a good level of compatibility with ionic tensides, and can easily be incorporated into the detergent liquid, due to their delayed solubility. good storage stability will also be achieved.

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Viscosity (mPa.s)  Brookfield Rv, 2%


 Mikazone® HPMC MK200PS