Quality Control

Quality means uniformity, stability and consistency. Quality control involves sampling, testing and determining if they are within the specifications for the final product.



Our factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified, fully comply with International standards.

Raw Material

We audit and selected high-quality well-known suppliers to be our raw material suppliers.

Production Facilities

The factory adopts DCS automatic control system to ensure accurate material measurement.

R&D Center

We have chemical laboratories and application laboratories to ensure the best satisfaction of each order.


We at Meikai have a simple faith “do our best, do professionally.” Meikai is dedicated to producing high-quality products and thus competes both locally and internationally, actively embraces the movement towards operating in a more environmentally friendly manner, and continuously strives to lead with new developments in the industry. With large and well-equipped factories, skilled and dedicated professionals, and with access to the latest in technological advances worldwide, we are ready and able to meet any new challenges to its expertise and energies.

Raw material control

The main raw materials of mikazone® cellulose ether include refined cotton and propylene oxide.

Raw material control is essential to the overall quality control system. In our factory, the QC starts from raw material. The warehouse has raw material quality controls in place to identify any non-conforming product and ensure that any product found unacceptable is returned to the supplier. After receiving qualified raw materials, storage is paid high attention to protect the quality and prevent loss through spoilage. Inspectors who are responsible for the storage and maintenance of all raw materials are with relevant qualifications.

Quality control


Standardization combines processes, procedures, and visual work instructions in such a way that allows workers to perform a task or job to the best of their abilities.

We adopt a DCS automatic production and control system in the production process, which eliminates the influence of the external environment and human intervention, resulting in high product quality and low energy consumption.
Our factory implements the standard requirements of ISO9001:2015, from the testing of raw materials, semi-products to sampling before in the warehouse, strictly following the testing index requirements to ensure the quality of the finished products before each batch of delivery.


Batch tracking is a smart way to quickly identify and trace the batches of goods that you manufacture, distribute and sell. It’s a simple way to optimize the management of your supply chain and keep on top of quality control. 

Our final products are coded for batch traceability, including product testing, sampling, and QA test results can be traced back to ensure the quality of our delivery.