The Raw Material

Refined Cotton​ is a byproduct of refined cotton linters as raw material, bleach and other refined white flocculent treatment process from fiber, used in the production of cellulose acetate, ether cellulose and nitrocellulose series.

Refined cotton is a white floc that is uniform and loose, free of wood chips, bamboo chips, silt, oil, metal and other impurities.

“Refined cotton” is made of short fiber or cotton, and divided into two categories: industrial use, medicine & food use. Industrial-grade cotton is primarily used in paintings and coatings works and other constructions to raise its adhesion, and water retention. In the medical industry for producing cotton pads and swabs, antiseptic cotton, antiseptic paper, and so on.


The main raw materials of cellulose ether are refined cotton, wood pulp or other renewable materials, and chemical products such as propylene oxide, methyl chloride, and caustic soda. The raw material of refined cotton is cotton linters

MikaZone focuses on the sourcing of raw materials. In the factory, we audit and select quality well-known distributors as our raw material suppliers. We inspect each batch of raw materials and test different ingredients to ensure the quality of raw materials.